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Mount DFS-R Share in RedHat Enterprise Linux 6

1. Verify the following packages are available in the linux system:

    a. cifs-utils
    b. keyutils

2. The following lines need to be added to the end of the /etc/request-key.conf file:
create cifs.spnego * * /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall %k
create dns_resolver * * /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall %k

3. Mount the DFS-R folder
mount.cifs -o user=windowsuser,password=windowspassword,domain=domainname //domainname/share /localmountpoint
4. Add the following entry in /etc/fstab if the mount point is to mounted with the DFS-R share continuously on server reboot.

//domainname/share                 /localmountpoint             cifs    user=windowsuser,password=windowspassword,domain=domainname,uid=200,gid=2002 0 0

***Thanks to Mike Burr***

Oracle Audit Vault on Hyper-V

Generally Hyper-V is not recommended for the installation of the Oracle Audit Vault. Due to the lack of options available, Hyper-V was required.

Installation wasn't initially happening as OAV was unable to detect the network adapter. The default Hyper-V network adapter is defined as Synthetic. As per one blog, we have to use legacy network adapter for OAV on Hyper-V. The installation proceeded after this step. However on completion of the installation, the OAV VM was unreachable.

Finally I removed the legacy network adapter and replaced with the synthetic network adapter.
I then used the script from Daniel's Tech Blog which assigns the virtual network and IP address from the SCVMM virtual network IP Address pool. I then manually assigned the same IP assigned from the SCVMM into OAV and it started to work.