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Nutanix Calm Blueprint for Single Linux VM

Here is the first Nutanix Calm blueprint which creates a Linux VM and installs Nginx using a Chef role.

1. First we need to upload the RedHat qcow image into the Nutanix PC image repository. 
2. Create a blueprint.

3. Select the cloud. Here we have the options: Nutanix, VMware, AWS and GCP. Nutanix is your on-premise Nutanix infrastructure which we will be using in this example.

3. Select the Redhat image under images. (Note: I customized the image by setting the root password so that I could use it for the blueprint. I will publish the method in a separate blog post.)

4. Select Cloud-init under "Guest Customization".

5. Here is the script I used for cloud-init:
@@{name}@@ is the variable for the name of the virtual machine. Here the script downloads and installs the chef client
and allows httpd service in the firewalld daemon and then runs chef-client and assigns the role created.

6. Enter the credentials i…

On-board Linux computers to Azure Log Analytics

For on-boarding linux servers to Azure log analytics, just execute the command on the respective server:
wget && sh -p [protocol://][user:password@]proxyhost[:port] -w <YOUR WORKSPACE ID> -s <YOUR WORKSPACE PRIMARY KEY>
In few cases like mine, the servers will not have access to internet and we will need to install the downloaded oms agent package with the proxy information. 
sh --install -w <YOUR WORKSPACE ID> -s <YOUR WORKSPACE PRIMARY KEY> -p [protocol://][user:password@]proxyhost[:port]
The proxy can have username and password for authentication and even if no proxy authentication is required, we will need to enter a dummy username and password which in the example below is azure and azure.