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DFS Slowdown on Windows Server 2012 R2

The other day, the file server started showing up by not serving any shares. Initially it happened once in a week which was solved by a reboot and then it started started to occur almost every hour.
The DFS replication service was showing 99% CPU usage during all of this.

After a bit of research, a hotfix for DFS (KB 3172614) released July 2016 was available.

After the installation of hotfix, the DFS replication service CPU usage came down to tolerable levels.

Windows 7/2008 VM not booting up on Hyper-V host after windows update using CAU

After updating three hosts out of five in a windows hyper-v cluster based on Nutanix using CAU tool, I noticed the Windows 7/2008 VMs stopped running on the updated hosts. Using the failover cluster manager, I managed to failover the VM to the non-updated host and it started working.

During troubleshooting, I came across the below two blogs which set me thinking: