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Fluentd error: Unable to push logs to [elasticsearch]

After application deployments, Kibana stopped showing logs exactly after 7 days. The error "Fluentd error: Unable to push logs to [elasticsearch]" was shown in the fluentd logs. The initial response was to increase the buffer limits for fluentd as follows: chunk_limit_size 10M queue_limit_length 256 The behavior occurred again after two weeks, which led to the same error. On closer investigation, the error was preceded by the statement "Failed to write to the buffer." This led me to inspect the fluentd configuration again and found the following code in the buffer part which caused the fluentd buffers to be filled as per the official documentation on Fluentd : overflow_action block The fix for this overflow_action is to change from block to drop_oldest_chunk, allowing the fluentd logs to flow seamlessly to the elastic search by dropping the oldest logs in the buffer.   <buffer> @type file path /var/log/fluentd-buffers/kubernet

DFS Slowdown on Windows Server 2012 R2

The other day, the file server started showing up by not serving any shares. Initially it happened once in a week which was solved by a reboot and then it started started to occur almost every hour. The DFS replication service was showing 99% CPU usage during all of this. After a bit of research, a hotfix for DFS (KB 3172614) released July 2016 was available. After the installation of hotfix, the DFS replication service CPU usage came down to tolerable levels.

Windows 7/2008 VM not booting up on Hyper-V host after windows update using CAU

After updating three hosts out of five in a windows hyper-v cluster based on Nutanix using CAU tool, I noticed the Windows 7/2008 VMs stopped running on the updated hosts. Using the failover cluster manager, I managed to failover the VM to the non-updated host and it started working. During troubleshooting, I came across the below two blogs which set me thinking: In the Hyper-V manager, I noticed the Windows 2012 VMs were running without any issue but the Windows 7/2008 VMs were shown with the message  "Cannot connect to Virtual Machine storage". I was able to access the storage from the hosts without any problem and confirmed this with Nutanix support.  The Hyper-V hosts create symbolic links to th