Windows 7/2008 VM not booting up on Hyper-V host after windows update using CAU

After updating three hosts out of five in a windows hyper-v cluster based on Nutanix using CAU tool, I noticed the Windows 7/2008 VMs stopped running on the updated hosts. Using the failover cluster manager, I managed to failover the VM to the non-updated host and it started working.

During troubleshooting, I came across the below two blogs which set me thinking:

In the Hyper-V manager, I noticed the Windows 2012 VMs were running without any issue but the Windows 7/2008 VMs were shown with the message  "Cannot connect to Virtual Machine storage". I was able to access the storage from the hosts without any problem and confirmed this with Nutanix support. 

The Hyper-V hosts create symbolic links to the XML files of the VMs hosted in "C:\Programdata\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V\Virtual Machines". The IDs did not match. 
I deleted the Symbolic links in the Hyper-V host and then failed over the same VMs using the Failover Cluster Manager to the updated host from the non-updated host and the VMs started to work.


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